Maximizing Your IT Investment
Key Questions
  • What is the purpose of each application?
  • What is the business value?
  • Where is the redundant functionality?

Application Rationalization and Modernization

The significant investment made in legacy platforms and applications make it easy to feel handcuffed today by technology decisions made yesterday. Using our proven Application Modernization framework, PSC can economically and efficiently move your business to a modern competitive platform. We update processes, improve security and unlock your potential to enjoy a data-driven, mobile, social and dynamic future.

Our Application Modernization Center (AMC) is designed to work effectively with a mix of resources, locations, and equipment, giving you the ability to modernize across a variety of technologies.

Our years of experience have helped us refine our methodologies, creating the repeatable and customizable processes that can modernize and update almost any technology in virtually every environment. With extensive expertise in legacy and contemporary platforms, and the underlying technologies, we bridge the past and future seamlessly, quickly and efficiently.

We believe no project is entirely about technology. Our approach is to employ a 360-degree view to platform migration and application modernization. It’s a comprehensive view that gives you a clear understanding of all aspects of your project – on your terms. That means you will confidently make informed and fact-based decisions while enjoying the ability to choose from a wide range of implementation options and plans.

Maximizing your IT investment starts by understanding your existing applications. At PSC, our Application Services provide a complete analysis of your existing application portfolio, enabling us to answer the “why,” “how,” “when,” and “cost” questions around all your applications. Getting those answers enables you to accelerate, simplify and optimize your application modernization efforts.

We’ll analyze your applications from both the end-user and technical perspectives, and we’ll identify and prioritize your modernization options. You’ll understand the choices before you and the justifications for each, and we’ll present you with a clear and concise path to the platform that is right for you.

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