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High Level IT Due Diligence Assessment

The High Level IT Due Diligence Assessment has been created to provide an Executive Level view of the relative value of an organizations IT Assets. The questionnaire has been designed to establish a quantitative valuation of the acquiring company’s assets to the targets.

The questionnaire is broken down into six major IT domains

  • General – Culture and Strategy
  • Management Systems – Back office systems used to run the overall business
  • Operational Systems – Transnational systems required to deliver customer services
  • Infrastructure (Age) – Useful life of the computing systems
  • Infrastructure (Capacity) – Available excess capacity of the existing systems
  • IT Processes – Processes and controls in place to efficiently manage the IT organization
  • IT People – Are there any people critical to the success of the ongoing business?

Within each domain, specific topics are evaluated against a standard set of criteria and used to create a relative valuation.

The bigger the "NET" the greater the value


In the above example, the target organization has excess capacity and great people but otherwise does not bring much additional value to the table.

Domain Meaning
General Higher Value = Better Synergy
Infrastructure (Age) Higher Value = Target IT has more value
Infrastructure (Capacity) Higher Value = Target IT has more value
IT People Higher Value = Lower  Risk
IT Processes Higher Value = Target IT has more value
Management Systems Higher Value = Target IT has more value
Operational Systems (Data and Applications) Higher Value = Target IT has more value

We recognize every acquisition has a different purpose, growth, capacity, new products, etc., therefore it is important to review the scale and ensure that it is aligned with the relative value of the domain. For example, some companies may be more interested in cost reductions rather than attempt to use a target’s systems. As a result, the scale could be changed to eliminate all costs, eliminate some cost, or eliminate no cost.


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