Matching the Velocity of Business
Understanding the Impact of IT

In today's world, it is imperative that organizations establish a strategy that links their IT objectives with business goals. Through our experience, we work with our clients to create a vision, leveraging technology as a strategic investment.  ​


PSC has a long history of successfully developing end-to-end customer solutions. DevOps is a natural evolution and one which we have easily adapted to. Using PSC’s standard, documented processes and applying the differentiating PSC experience to all facets of the application release cycle, we can continue to deliver world-class applications to any sized company.

The Challenge

The velocity of business is accelerating. Modern internet browsers do daily release candidates for testing and new features. Busy sites like Etsy do multiple releases a day, and everyone continues without noticing the incremental changes. To remain competitive, it is essential to keep up, stay nimble and react to market demands and changes. 

This level of customer expectation and demand for constant change rightly concerns traditional corporate IT departments. Maintenance of audit requirements, a perceived lack of control, the need to support and maintain existing applications, security reviews and other factors all combine to cause resistance to change.

Meeting the Challenge

Modern web development, regardless of platform can adhere to a set of tools and standards designed to facilitate better code, automated testing, shorter release cycles and ultimately better applications and satisfied users.

The congruence of stakeholders, development and IT operations has been realized. Where once these three pillars of an organization were separated and handed their piece of the application delivery to the next party in a sequential manner, the three pillars are now one, working together for mutual success.

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