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Applications in the Cloud

Are you migrating your applications to the cloud or are you developing cloud applications?  These are not the same thing, although both are worth consideration in your cloud strategy.

Migrating applications to the cloud allows you to take advantage of cloud infrastructure.  Benefits include:

  • Servers are offsite and managed by a third party at a potential savings
  • Upgrade paths are less cumbersome – it will be easier to upgrade
  • Requisitioning new hardware is vastly simplified 

There are changes and a learning curve for your infrastructure team, but the focus here is on applications.  Generally speaking, porting a single instance application and it’s database from a local server to the cloud is a fairly simple task.  If your application uses shared databases or services that will remain in-house then the task becomes more challenging.  Hybrid cloud is likely to be a consideration for any cloud strategy.  If your application will utilize load balancing then you should consider some analysis and likely development. 

Scale Your Applications On Demand

Cloud applications are an evolution of web applications.  Cloud applications are more than applications that live in the cloud.  They exhibit some or all of these features:

  • Designed to scale – you can add capacity easily by adding servers
  • Takes advantage of cloud data and file storage solutions
  • Highly available, geographically distributed
  • Services designed to handle a single responsibility – microservices architectures are enabled by cloud infrastructure

Cloud applications take advantage of the infrastructure made so accessible by the cloud to provide functionality that would have been cost-prohibitive or impossible with in-house infrastructure.

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