Cloud Computing
Enabling Success

At PSC we help business clearly prepare and deliver successful solutions in the cloud. 

  • How can my business model take advantage of cloud services?
  • Is my organization ready to utilize the cloud?
  • What applications are most appropriate for the cloud and are the cloud capable?
  • Can the cloud help me become more agile?
The Cloud is Strategic and Powering Today’s Innovations

Disruption is everywhere. Existing business models are being challenged. Cloud is lowering competitive barriers by creating partnerships, lowering cost and improving collaboration. The Cloud is enabling companies to become more agile and transform IT.

Establishing a Hybrid Cloud is a method of DELIVERING and INTEGRATING IT related capabilities reducing your need to manage and support the underlying technology.

To PSC it's a way to deliver the needed business capabilities. 

Create Value by Leveraging the Cloud

Competitive pressures have never been higher. Customer expectations rapidly change. To quickly address these challenges you need an agile and flexible platform. Get ahead of the curve by building a strategic vision and roadmap that leverages technology to deliver a competitive advantage

Solution / Service
Understand how the Cloud Impacts your Organization

Delivering technology services in a consumer oriented fashion requires agile support processes and infrastructure. PSC's comprehensive assessment will quickly provide an understanding of where you are today and what actions are needed to impact the future.

Applications are Better in the Cloud

Are you migrating your applications to the cloud or are you developing cloud applications?  These are not the same thing, although both are worth consideration in your cloud strategy.

Modernize or Migrate

Not everything is meant for the cloud and not every business is ready for the cloud. Taking a good look at yourself and your applications can help you determine what to modernize.

  MEAN, Responsive Web

PSC's Hybrid Cloud experts define and deliver the right experience for your organization.

Office 365

Expand your business, not your budget. As your business changes, so does Office 365, helping you quickly adapt and grow without the additional hassle or high costs of traditional infrastructure and software.

Get business-ready tools that grow with your business.  Scale services and tools quickly as your business needs shift – without the hassle and cost of new servers and software.

Some of the specific issues we see in relation to this include the following:

  • Budget spend on soon-to-be-obsolete technology that can’t evolve with your business
  • Staying competitive
  • Limited IT budgets
  • Unpredictable costs
  • Lacking scalability
  • Lacking service support

When we say growing efficiently, we mean investing in what’s next for you and your business. Office 365 offers the power of the cloud, the latest business tools, and low up-front costs, to keep you competitive today and prepared for tomorrow.


Solution / Service
Imagine the Future of your Business

Today’s business users are spoiled. They use smartphones in their daily lives and expect that same level of simplicity and convenience for their business applications as well. In many cases, the typical smart phone app seems to update almost daily. There always seems to be an incremental release of new functionality designed to solve a specific need. Therefore, users expect their web based business applications to evolve just as quickly. The days of bi-annual releases of software are gone.

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