Transform Data into Knowledge
Inspire Thoughtful Moves with Insight
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Microsoft Power BI, SSRS, SSIS
  • Tableau
Data Analytics and Dashboards

PSC incorporates proven methodologies and techniques with BI/business intelligence solutions to access and present data in faster and more meaningful ways. We follow a seven-step approach to deliver insight that drives effective decisions.

Collection > Integration > Movement > Repository > Retrieval > Analytics > Presentation

Data Analytics, Data Visualization

Provide your business leaders and decision makers access to the information they need when they need it. Transform your data into knowledge.


Organizational BI and Embedded BI Empowers Users

PSC helps organizations move their BI/business intelligence efforts from IT-owned to IT-enabled to help users create their own reports and visualizations.

Organizational BI involves creating and publishing reports for the organization, both scheduled and on-demand.

Embedded BI is the integration of reports and dynamic visualizations embedded in line of business applications and portals.

PSC can help ensure the right data is relevant and visible to the appropriate users and reports and visualizations are accessible to the right users in the right places.


Benefits of the Insights

Most businesses have massive amounts of data available to them, but few have unlocked its value to:

  • Measure the health of the business
  • Better understand customers
  • Gain competitive advantage over competitors
  • Take advantage of market opportunities
Power BI - Boosting Throughput with Better Business Intelligence

Wenger Manufacturing was using an assortment of non-searchable Word documents for production planning and tracking that made it difficult to measure project volume, velocity and value.

A new Power BI dashboard populated with contracting, finance and engineering data has improved visibility and brought new urgency and accuracy to all departments of the 80-year-old manufacturer of commercial extrusion systems.

Data Analytics Lead to Business Intelligence

PSC helps your business focus on analysis and insights instead of the data.

Your business has volumes of data that until recently has been challenging to utilize. From accounting, human resources, sales and marketing data to operational, production and customer service data, the ability to turn this data into insightful management initiatives provides immeasurable efficiencies, optimization and competitive advantage.

Analyzing and questioning business data creates decision making and predictive opportunities that lead to actionable business intelligence.


Power BI - Boosting Throughput with Better Business Intelligence
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