Maximize Your Office 365 ROI With a Custom Roadmap to the Microsoft Cloud
Your Path to True ROI

Office 365 isn't a tool-- it's a toolbox. 

Are you using the right tools for the job?

We partner with key stakeholders in your organization to chart the path to an effective, efficient and future-proof Office 365 implementation.

You've already chosen Office 365 as your collaboration platform. What's next?

Our clients ask us:

  • Which Office 365 products and services best accomplish our business objectives?
  • How can I achieve ROI quickly?
  • What's coming down the pike from Microsoft that affects my implementation plan?
  • When should we use out-of-the-box features and when should we build a custom solution?
  • How do we customize Office 365 without breaking forwards compatibility with new features?

The answers to these questions are unique to your organization.

Read on to learn why an Office 365 Roadmap engagement with PSC can be the most effective tool in your Office 365 toolbox.

Step 1: Meet with key business and IT stakeholders to build a backlog of Office 365 requirements

The PSC team will hold springboard discovery sessions with key personnel in your organization from both sides of the table-- IT and business-- to build a backlog of Office 365 business goals.

Meetings are kept to about an hour per business unit or special interest group and take place at your convenience.

Step 2: Rank requirements by business value and level of effort
We find the "low-hanging fruit" by ranking your backlog according to the value each requirement brings to the business, and the level of effort we estimate is required to deliver the solution.
The requirements with the highest business value and lowest level of effort are prime candidates for a "minimal viable product" ("MVP") solution that delivers immediate return on investment.
Step 3: Deliver a roadmap that aligns business problems with Office 365 solutions

Our roadmap includes an implementation plan that begins with biting off the "low-hanging fruit" first to achieve ROI quickly. We identify:

  • Which Office 365 products and services align best to your business needs
  • Where you get the most value from out-of-the-box features and where you'll need to customize the solution
  • An estimated level and effort and timeframe for complete implementation, including communications and training measures
Step 4: Get started

Your new roadmap is a blueprint for standing up Office 365. Following a roadmap engagement, the PSC team (or in unison with your own team) can build and release a minimal viable product or a more complete implementation.

Your personalized plan for implementing Office 365 efficiently and cost-effectively
The question of "buy vs. build" has never been more relevant.  Choosing to custom-develop a solution that Microsoft releases for free a couple weeks later can delay your implementation indefinitely.

We'll align your Office 365 implementation roadmap to Microsoft's product roadmap.

Our roadmap engagements prioritize aligning business needs with existing and planned Office 365 products, services and development platform capabilities.
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