CRM HealthCheck
Dynamics CRM HealthCheck
  • Is CRM adoption meeting expectations?
  • Is CRM being used the way it was originally meant to be?
  • What is the quality of the data in CRM?
  • Is your organization’s system technically architected properly?

Designed to Provide Guidance and Recommendations on Maximizing your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Investment

CRM initiatives have a 63% fail rate, according to a 2013 study by Merkle Group, Inc. Since surveys support the reality that most high-growth organizations today view CRM as a key driver to their company’s success, how do these organizations achieve the results desired?

PSC Group’s Dynamics 365 CRM HealthCheck service helps your organization identify any factors limiting the success of your system. Our analysis assesses the issues specific to your organization’s deployment of Dynamics 365 CRM and identifies the opportunities available to realize the desired benefits from the system.

Our goal, by highlighting these “gaps” and offering suggestions for closing them, is to help you take your Dynamics CRM implementation to its desired state—driving user adoption, optimizing business processes, and ultimately increasing value and satisfaction.


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