Mitigating Deal Pursuit Risk with The Pursuit Navigator Tool

Mitigating Deal Pursuit Risk with the Pursuit Navigator Tool in CRM

The Pursuit Navigator Tool, a component of the Sandler Enterprise Selling program, is designed to produce an approach that facilitates successful outcomes for sales organizations, often in pursuit of enterprise sales opportunities. Pursuits cost you and your business time and money. By breaking down an opportunity’s key Go/No Go issues into three categories – Client Issues, Selling Team Issues and Financial Contract Issues, you can better determine the stability or risk of an opportunity and whether to proceed or not with a pursuit. Now, licensed users of the Sandler Training Framework SES tools can capture the issues and mitigation strategies directly in Dynamics 365 for Sales for both deal-by-deal review and to easily manage and harvest the data for use in the ongoing engagement management and client satisfaction process.



Creating a Pursuit Navigator from an 0pportunity record is simple and the two records become linked. Next, the pursuit team can populate the identified issues with the client, the selling team, and anything related to financing and contracts. These issues are initially pre-loaded into Dynamics 365 and become easy to populate and reference as the user moves down the form.

Once the tool is populated, an optional Word template can be called in order to produce a formatted document that can be shared or printed. The published Pursuit Navigator report can be used to better understand and discuss the impacts and risks of the pursuit and for review with the client and other stakeholders to help further drive an insightful decision as to whether to continue a pursuit or not. Another possible use of the stored data is to enable executives to run reports to identify which issues are occurring most often and determine if unsatisfactory trends or repetitive issues are recurring that need to be addressed globally rather than at the micro opportunity level.



The Pursuit Navigator Tool is another valuable offering in the Sandler Training Framework family of SES tools that now include the Pre-Call Planner and Call Debrief in Dynamics 365 CRM, exclusively offered by PSC Group. Contact Mike Springer for a demo or sample report today.