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What is Dynamics 365?

Published by Michael Springer on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

By now, most people understand that Office 365 is a suite of Microsoft applications they already know and use that are available through a cloud subscription and accessible across most popular devices. So what is Dynamics 365?

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IBM Connect with PSC and LDC

Published by Kathy Brown on Monday, February 13, 2017

#IBMConnect 2017 is just a week away.  I’ll be there and look forward to learning new stuff and meeting new people.  In addition to attending sessions and networking events, John Head and I will available to meet with YOU to discuss your collaboration roadmap.

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NWCJS meetup – Angular 2 for beginners

Published by Mark Roden on Thursday, February 9, 2017

Next week, PSC is hosting the 6th meeting of the Northwest Chicago JavaScript meetup group. This time around we are very honored to have David Giard, the regional Microsoft Technical Evangelist coming to talk to us. TypeScript is being used by the Angular development team at Google and it is amazing to see collaboration between the two companies who are typically always competing against each other.

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Azure Machine Learning Studio Office Add-In

Published by Mark Roden on Monday, January 16, 2017

I am currently in the process of learning more about Azure Machine Learning Studio . Within there you can create and train predictive models. As I am going through some of the examples I came across a great example of an Office Add-In. I am creating a simple weather predicting example based on data I downloaded from an API service. More on that later. From my model I created a sample Web Service with the click of a button. This exposes an End point for me to send data to be “predicted on&#

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Join Me at “DevOps in the Burbs” on February 2nd, 2017.

Published by Cole Francis on Saturday, January 14, 2017

Please join me, Cole Francis, when I speak at “Dev Ops in the Burbs” on Thursday, February 2nd, at the NIU Conference Center in Naperville, IL at 6pm sharp.  During my hour-long presentation, I’ll discuss and demonstrate how to navigate and use the comprehensive cloud-based Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) platform. During the meeting, I’ll talk about how I use this platform’s built-in tools and capabilities to manage my SCRUM-based Agile projects and t

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19 Jan – Speaking at Northwest Chicago JavaScript meetup – Office.js

Published by Mark Roden on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We have been hosting the NWCJS meetup here at PSC Group for the past few months. We have had some great speakers talking about React Native, How Chrome works under the covers, ES6, Web Components and others. This time it is my turn to speak. I am going to be talking about Office.js the framework library which is the underpinning of Office Add-Ins. I will be talking about how the framework works, how it’s intended to be used and present lots of examples of how you can use JavaScript alone t

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Building Office Add-ins using Office.js – the book, the website

Published by Mark Roden on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I wanted to show some love for the new website and book by Michael Zlatkovsky. Michael is a Software Developer and Program Manager in the Microsoft Office Extensibility team. I met Michael at the MS MVP Summit back in October and we had a great conversation or two about Office Addins and their future development. So Michael’s new leanpub book is called Building Office Add-Ins using Office.js and can be purchased through leanpub. The new supporting website p

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Sharing data between Office Add-Ins using localStorage

Published by Mark Roden on Saturday, November 19, 2016

In this article I will show how the underlying dependence on the browser (in this case IE11 in Windows) allows us to pass data between Office Add-Ins through the use of HTML5 localStorage. At this point this is a theoretical post as I haven’t thought of a good use case yet, I am sure I will at some point… Introduction  Earlier this year I created a demo for the Salesforce global conference (Dreamforce) which showed how to create an Office Add-In to extract and manipulate Salesforce d

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