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Published on Thursday, October 4, 2018

With Microsoft Teams quickly becoming a key collaboration hub in the Office 365 ecosystem, it’s no surprise that Microsoft is now integrating other cloud applications into the Teams platform. The most recent entry is fluid capability for Dynamics 365 within Teams channels. PSC is participating in Microsoft’s preview program for this integration and has seen first-hand the potential benefits soon to be available to organizations subscribing to Dynamics 365 and Teams. 

Users can connect a Teams channel to a related, corresponding Dynamics 365 record. Connecting to a channel is done simply by adding the D365 Tab from the library of possible add-on apps.

D365 Teams add apps as tabs

Figure 1- Authorized users can search for and add eligible apps as new tabs

After determining which record you want to associate (i.e., related opportunity), that record becomes another live tab within Teams. Users can enter and update data associated to the record, as well as related records. Persistent conversations can be held between team members collaborating in the channel and documents can be seamlessly shared also.

D365 Teams Account Record Tab

Figure 2- Example of an Account record tab in Teams

Scenarios where the Dynamics 365 and Teams integration might be ideal for include: 

  1. a) when sales teams are product or geographically based, 
  2. b) when sales relationships and opportunities are structured around account teams, or
  3. c) for businesses with long, complex opportunities and extended sales cycles where channels could be utilized to manage pieces of an opportunity over time

When Dynamics 365 is added to Teams, the Dynamics Chat Bot is also present. 

D365 Teams Chat

The Chat Bot allows users to query and update Dynamics data generally (i.e., not related specifically to a channel). Mobile users can access this feature through the Teams mobile app and update records on the go by being prompted with intuitive suggestions for action.

D365 Teams Chat

Figure 3- Chat Bot query and prompts

After participating in the preview and providing feedback to Microsoft, including helping to prioritize the next set of feature enhancements, PSC easily envisions how the possibilities of this integration are promising and endless. For example, Microsoft’s roadmap has already indicated that the Skype for Business application is folding into Teams. Meetings and Chat in Teams are already powered by Skype for Business and Teams will become the default interface in the near future for Skype.

As the functionality between the two continue to evolve it will no doubt continue to enrich the tools and data shared between them. This will enhance the experiences for team members who are Dynamics users as well as those who are not. PSC can help you successfully deploy and utilize the Dynamics 365 integration with Teams. Contact us for guidance on how your team can realize the benefits of this dynamic duo!


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