For the Record: Audit Data Changes for Better Product Management and Operations
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Published on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Understanding when and how data changes in a business application is an important requirement to stable and accurate food and beverage product development and operations. Older systems and applications such as spreadsheets and documents don’t provide auditing in a useful and accessible manor and often are not capable of smart auditing at all. Dynamic FRM™ leverages Dynamics 365 auditing capabilities to enable users to see changes to selected data in the solution. Additions, deletions, updates, and more can be tracked, viewed, and stored over time for use in analysis and reporting. Users can see what element changed, how it changed, who changed it, and when it was changed. Here are some examples of how auditing has helped Dynamic FRM customers:

Use case: Keeping an eye on quality

A Quality Manager navigated to a formula to add a recipe to its profile. Upon entering the record, she noticed that information had changed in the measurements tab. The microbiological thresholds were not familiar to her. Using the audit tab, the Quality Manager was able to see that the information had been updated the previous week by one of the testing scientists. From the formula screen, she emailed the record to the scientist who confirmed that the thresholds had been changed in accordance with current government standards.

Use case: Baseline data for insightful product management

Needing to retrace his steps, a product developer used auditing to see the modifications he had made while manipulating a formula’s ingredients. While changing the volume of several ingredients to reach a desired nutrition profile, the product developer needed to see what the value of a particular ingredient was several changes in the past. To see a list of all the values used, he viewed the audit history for the formula and was able to see all the previous values for the ingredients used. Upon recognizing the value used in a previous iteration, the product developer was able to take that ingredient volume and update the formula using it.

Use case: Awareness of changes in partners, suppliers, and resources

An analyst viewed a raw material and was surprised that it was being sourced from a supplier she was not familiar with. Auditing helped the analyst understand what had happened with the previous supplier. The audit information on the raw material demonstrated that its supplier had been changed the day prior by a named member of the quality team. Clicking through to the supplier and viewing its audit records, the analyst was able to see that the supplier was also new and had been added by someone in legal. The business process flow diagram confirmed that all the appropriate steps were taken in onboarding the new supplier.

Dynamic FRM Auditing

Auditing can also provide valuable insights into how the system and data are used across the business and help reveal gaps in data and user requirements to increase usage and adoption. Auditing can help identify power users and training needs to make the system more accessible and drive proper data hygiene. And auditing capabilities can be used to help organizations adhere to info security and compliance requirements like GDPR and regulatory reporting.

Take your food and beverage data management to a whole new level. Put Dynamic FRM to work in your operations for more visibility into your valuable data and to provide a better experience for stakeholders across your business.

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