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Published by Michael Springer, on Friday, August 2, 2019

Perhaps one of the most critical (and time-consuming) tasks an organization utilizing Dynamics 365 faces is creating and maintaining effective training documentation. Whether Dynamics 365 is being introduced to the organization for the first time, or D365 is an established application with a history of upgrades and system enhancements, the ability for a user to have easy access to quality, up-to-date e-learning is paramount to strong user adoption.

Organizations that take user adoption seriously may spend hours building training content and dedicate a great deal of on-going effort keeping the content current. Organizations that may not have the bandwidth to commit the same amount of time and effort rely on power users to assist others or accept the fact that a percentage of users will always struggle with CRM and adoption will never be what the company had initially hoped.

To help tackle the issue of training and user adoption, PSC has recently partnered with ClickLearn to make the tool available to PSC client companies.


ClickLearn is an add-on application that records Dynamics 365 processes and instantaneously creates e-learning documentation in seven different formats, including Word, PowerPoint, and video with voice narrative. The recorded processes can then be easily accessed by users through the command ribbon in D365 or through a learning portal. ClickLearn also gives users the ability to enable a “virtual assistant” that provides real-time, on-screen assistance with performing common tasks within the live system. In addition, the ClickLearn tool provides analytics, so an organization can have visibility into tasks the user community commonly struggles with when using the system.

Unlike traditional video creation tools, where the user must do much of the editing and re-recording to get the steps perfect, ClickLearn simply records the keystrokes that are selected and assembles the content itself. The user can go back and make edits, but the functions are built-in, and the digital voice commands don’t have to be recorded by the documenter. 

ClickLearn and PSC Team Up

Content is published to a web portal where it can be securely viewed by authorized users, either for a Wiki-type refresher or for new employee training. For organizations with LMS applications, SCORM formatted content can be produced to publish directly to the company’s system.

Creating training content for Dynamics 365 has never been easier! Contact PSC today if you would like to explore the opportunity to leverage the ClickLearn tool within your Dynamics 365 environment.

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