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Published by Michael Springer, on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

In a perfect sales world, every email a salesperson sends receives a response. But despite best efforts, this is not the case. 

One of the great benefits of using customer engagement software like Dynamics 365 for Sales is that you can tell the system to help you do something so that you don’t have to remember to do it yourself. The new Dynamics 365 Email Engagement feature set provides insight into areas that may be a sales “dark hole” currently and shed light on methods to engage with quiet prospects.

Email Engagement for Dynamics 365

So, what is Email Engagement? Simply put, it is the ability to see tracking statistics about emails that are created in and sent out of Dynamics 365. Specifically, Email Engagement enables monitoring of activity taken by the recipient of the email, including when a recipient:

  • Opened the message
  • Clicked on a link
  • Opened an attachment
  • Replied to the email 

Dynamics 365,email,email engagement,

Email Engagement for Dynamics 365 offers a number of helpful email management features:

  • Emails can be scheduled and sent during the most effective delivery time for the message
  • Alerts can be set with follow-up reminders on the email
  • Activity (opens, clicks, replies) can be followed on a specific email Activity on attachment views can be followed and tracked

Recipient Activity

When an email is followed, the activity appears in a new area titled “Recipient Activity” and displays a summary view of the number of opens, attachment views, link clicks, and replies. Directly below the summary, each individual detailed activity is rolled up to the summary.   Dynamics 365,CRM,email,Email Engagement

How Email Engagement Benefits You

Measuring the true intentions of a prospect can be difficult. Knowing when to be patient or when to enable your walk-away process can be more effective if/when you know whether the prospect going dark is from business and priorities or disinterest. Being able to see the activity on your last note (did they even open the proposal?) can aid in this discernment.

Another application is the ability to focus your next dialogue on the information that matters. What if two alternate approaches could be presented to solve the pain and one was viewed several times more than the other? Could this help formulate an assumptive follow-up question, or perhaps see through a smokescreen intended to reduce a negotiation position?

In any circumstance, good information is golden, so having this insight is without question better than not having it. For a closer review of the functionality, check out Microsoft’s video on this topic here.


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