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Published on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dynamic FRM® Formula and Recipe management (FRM) provides a proven, robust platform for the management of item, ingredient, packing and other food and beverage elements. It also is a powerful tool for automating workflows, projects and other functions. However, some companies are stretching the boundaries of the solution and creating expanded functional applications that service more than just formulas and recipes. One such useful expansion is management of Consumer Affairs.

PSC Formula and Recipe Management Platform for Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs departments typically manage the touch points between an organization and its consumers. Complaints, product issues, requests for merchandise, product praise and feedback are all handled and tracked by the Consumer Affairs department. It is also a company function that is rooted in transparent and tight procedures to ensure that customer interaction is handled in a clear, appropriate and repeatable manner. This makes using the Dynamic FRM Formula & Recipe Management platform a good fit to manage the activities related to this corporate function. Contact Management functionality can easily support the customer information by tracking customer names, demographics, geographic location and other important support data points. Workflow management can help to create repeatable, managed structure around the Consumer Affairs protocol and procedures that are in place. Consumer Affairs personnel can simply follow the process initiated by the workflow and complete the steps as prescribed.

Perhaps the most powerful element in having the Consumer Affairs functions built into the Formula & Recipe Management solution is that it marries the consumer interaction directly to the product information that is being supported. When a consumer makes a claim about a specific product, that claim can be directly linked to the product information itself. There is no cross-referencing another system or reentering data in another store. Both the product information and the Consumer Affairs information sit side by side in the same system. This allows for easier and more useful reporting and feedback to interested parties. What’s more, putting the product formula and recipe information within reach of Consumer Affairs, provides them the ultimate tool to answer questions and provide information to customers. Nutritional information, allergens, supplier data, FAQs and other important data points are all visible and accessible to the Consumer Affairs personnel.

The concept of managing Consumer Affairs with the Formula and recipe management platform is not only an innovative idea, it is already being done by several companies. A large brewery has developed a well-defined system for its Consumer Affairs department to use that answers anything from the most basic product questions to more complicated state-specific regulatory questions. Their access to the product information allows them to provide inquiring customers with important information such as alcohol content and ingredient makeup. The company’s mandate for Consumer Affairs is to also document every touchpoint with any consumer who makes contact. The Formula and Recipe Management solution provides a framework for this data. Furthermore, by having the consumer contact data in the system, it is available to other functional groups who have access to the system. Marketing, Branding, Sales and other groups can see their products in the system but can also see the Consumer Affairs activity that surrounds those products. This enriches and enhances the overall management of the product’s profile.

The Dynamic FRM Formula and Recipe Management is a powerful tool for managing product, formula and recipe information. Centralizing and structuring this information improves visibility, traceability and integrity around critical business information. But those advantages don’t have to stop with product information. The same functionality can be leveraged for other functions such as Consumer Affairs. Adding these elements to an already robust product data management solution only improves a company’s organization, productivity and ultimately its profitability.


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