LinkedIn Integrates with Dynamics 365 for Sales aka Microsoft Relationship Sales
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Published on Thursday, January 4, 2018

LinkedIn Sales Navigator social and profile data and Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM have never been more integrated.

Microsoft Relationship Sales marries the two by combining Linkedin Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 for Sales for sales productivity benefits and insights to connect intelligently and personally with prospects, clients and opportunities. The integration enables a widget on forms and creates a window to the related information.

Link CRM to more than 500 million LinkedIn members to better reach and connect with buyers via colleagues and professional networks. Focus on the right targets, identify opportunities, track insights with alerts and engage with personalized messaging and content. The mobile connectivity with CRM connects LinkedIn Sales Navigator seamlessly with CRM which enables less back and forth between solutions. LinkedIn's TeamLink feature reveals how you're connected with relationships within your own organization and through past relationships and experiences to reduce cold calling.

Plus new PointDrive can help you deliver and share targeted content with easy to access engagement insights to guide buyer experience and follow up talking points. PointDrive enables personalized microsites of relevant content, including links, video clips, slides, .pdf etc. without the need to send a file through a recipient's mail system hampering delivery and response.

PSC can help you realize the benefits of social selling with prospect and client insights through LinkedIn Sales Navigator and CRM to take your sales to the next level.

Linkedin Sales Navigator for Dynamics 365 for Sales

LinkedIn Sales Navigator + Dynamics 365 for Sales = Microsoft Relationship Sales

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