More Than Formulas: Tracking Artwork, Packaging, and Palletization
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Published on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The product development cycle is primarily comprised of raw materials, formulas, recipes and finished goods. These are the common items food manufacturers tend to look for when looking for a formula and recipe management system. But there are other elements of the operations that can be managed in such a system. Items like packaging, artwork, palletization and other data can be seamlessly woven into the Formula and Recipe management system. What’s more, adding business data beyond formulas and recipes extends the functionality, benefits, and value of the solution across the enterprise.

Finished goods are comprised of raw materials that are formulated into a product. But typically, packaging is part of the product development and that packaging often requires artwork. Both of these elements are significant parts of a finished good. Still, packaging and artwork are often maintained in a separate system. But this need not be the case because the Dynamic FRM Formula and Recipe Management system is designed to manage these items. What’s more, packaging and artwork are seamlessly integrated with the other product data and can even be collaboratively shared, approved and versioned in the same system and makes building your finished good BOM a task that can be completed in a single system. 

Art departments can now manage their work within the Formula and Recipe system instead of having to hand off their work to Product Development. Storing all the information in one place extends the usefulness of the system to other departments and productivity increases exponentially when asset search effort is reduced.

Formula Recipe Management.Managing Artwork 

Fig. 1  Artwork is stored right along beside the value product data for the reference and history.

But that usefulness isn’t confined to only those who create the product elements. Support staff can also use the system for information they need to complete their tasks. For example, palletization information including diagrams, dimensions, and packing instructions, can be stored in the Dynamic FRM Formula and Recipe Management system and integrated with the product information to provide a seamless solution. Merchandisers, shipping staff, quality control and other roles can access information collaboratively in the system increasing connectivity and independence to own and manage data relevant to their responsibility.

 Formula and Recipe Management, Packaging

Fig. 2 and 3  Packaging and palletization data can be configured to your specific format and process.

Formula Recipe Management - Palletization


While developing products is the primary function of a formula and recipe management system, the solution can be extended to enhance other business value. Complimentary elements such as packaging and artwork, as well as non-development information like palletization make the system more robust and complete. They also help make the solution more available to other users in the enterprise.

Contact our Dynamic FRM Formula and Recipe Management team for a demonstration of how effectively the solution handles these use cases.


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