PSC Tech Talk: Using Chrome Profiles for Office 365 Developers
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Published by Mark Roden, on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

In this presentation one of our Directors, Mark Roden, gave a short presentation on using Chrome profiles to help manage your life as a developer.

Mark gave the example of having a chrome profile for each of his customers and how he takes advantages of the features the profiles provide.

Using Chrome profiles you can:

  • Store separate bookmarks per profile
    • This means that you can create specific bookmarks just for that customer and/ or that development environment.
  • Different homepages
    • You can create a unique set of pages which always opens for each individual profile. For his salesforce instance Mark has the SalesForce tenant open automatically, for his Azure dev profile, Mark has open automatically.
  • It remembers you
    • When you log into a website like Office365 for example, you can allow the system to remember who you are and now ask you for authentication every time. These credentials are remembered separately for each profile. Using this Mark can log into him development instance of Office365 by opening the profile and when he opens his PSC instance of Office365 in his Work profile, he is logged into the PSC Office 365 tenant.
  • Chrome extensions
    • Each profile has it’s own set of chrome extensions. So those which are useful for salesforce development, are only available in the salesforce profile.
  • Microsoft Teams
    • Right now you cannot log into two separate client instances within one Teams Client instance. Mark uses his client profiles so that he can access teams for each organization separately within their own tenant, while keeping them all separate from each other.

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