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Published on Friday, September 14, 2018

During the product development cycle, communication among various departments and employees can be frequent and extensive. The process of building products from raw materials through finished goods and everything in between is comprised of many steps and can require a great deal of collaboration. Without a solution for this communication, ideas, answers, and mandates can get lost in email inboxes, meeting minutes, and employee’s notes and memories. A single, centralized collaboration platform can take all of the disparate communication and store it intelligently in one easy to access and search place. To provide this valuable functionality, PSC has enabled powerful Microsoft Teams capabilities into its Dynamics 365 Formula and Recipe Management system.

A highly collaborative requirement of the food and beverage product management process is managing product artwork and packaging. Artwork and packaging often involve multiple stakeholders with frequent revisions and recommendations and the Dynamics 365 formula and recipe management solution’s capabilities enable version sharing, real-time comments and approvals, asset storage, and auditing. It’s a transformative way to share and provide feedback on deliverables like artwork across the team.

Dynamics 365 Formula Recipe Management and Microsoft Teams

Figure 1: Working on artwork, documents and other assets is collaborative and visible.


The solution provides a centralized space to collaborate and capture related assets like versions of artwork. It can be organized to provide a space for functional groups and channels are automatically created to provide areas for specific subject matter, like packaging specifications or artwork proofs. Team members assigned to the channel are notified when the channel is created and they can utilize the channel to collaborate on the topic whenever necessary.


FRM Teams Artwork Channel

Figure 2: Channels can be added to keep topic relevant information in its place for easy search and archiving.

Team members can also communicate with one another via a built-in chat function. Conversations about development cycle elements like artwork revisions that were previously limited to email chains or office conversations are now memorialized in a visible chat/instant massaging. The chat is saved, searchable and available forever depending on security settings. No more searching through inboxes or trying to remember what somebody said in a specific conversation. All the communication related to a topic is also saved in the channel.

The saved activity leads to one of the most sought-after features of the functionality, the capability to fully audit all of the related conversations and files for future search and historical reference. Each channel can store a play-by-play rendition of the evolution of a topic or asset with approvals and commentary captured for review, future product innovation, and compliance. 

PSC’s Dynamics 365 Formula and Recipe Management adds powerful and versatile collaboration tools that make doing work more centralized, more collaborative and more efficient. The inclusion of these tools has helped the Formula and Recipe Management solution take the product development cycle and productivity to new heights. Contact our team for a demonstration of this transformative feature.


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