The Opportunity Close Form is Finally Configurable
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Published on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

After years of submissions to the Dynamics development team, one of the most sought after end-user and partner feature requests will soon be available in the upcoming October release - a configurable Opportunity Close entity, form, and dialog. This important piece of the sales process in Dynamics 365 has helped salespeople and management better understand why opportunities were won and lost and enabled valuable insights to help refine sales strategies. The feature helps capture close/won opportunity details and competitive info and users have been asking to configure it for years.

Close an opportunity

Close CRM opportunity as won or lost.


As part of Dynamics 365 2019 wave 2, the system will soon allow configuration of the Opportunity Close dialog box to improve alignment with organizational sales requirements and reporting goals. Field and form edits will be possible to both Close as Won and Close as Lost forms and dialogs (including related product and service info).

Other configurations that will be enabled include the Opportunity Close info form and custom views, new client-side business validations (like mandatory fields), and the ability to update both the modal dialog and forms. Additionally, end-users and sales reps will be able to close an opportunity with the right data in either the desktop or mobile app versions.

Close CRM Opportunity as Won Close Opportunity as Lost

Close CRM opportunity dialogs (won or lost).


Configurations will only be enabled for administrators through system settings in the Power Platform Admin Center. Environments with the model-driven app-enabled (unified interface) will need to add the opportunity close entity and the quick-create form to the model-driven app to enable it.

System settings to enable configurable Opportunity Close

Enable the configurable Opportunity Close through CRM System Settings.


This long-awaited capability also fits longer term Microsoft goals for the platform for analysis and machine learning to help predict likelihood of buying and close probability. Now that it’s configurable, make it your own to better support your sales process and wins. The PSC team can show you how to get the most from this exciting new capability.


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