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A Process Mapping & Automation Success 

Perfection Global performs industrial asset auctions, liquidations, surplus asset management, and appraisals for companies of all sizes, from two-man job shops to the Fortune 500.

Improving Company Growth

Perfection Global engaged PSC Group to first map and document all business processes at Perfection Global using Promapp®, a process mapping platform from Nintex. Over 20 business processes were mapped and captured by PSC Group. 

PSC Group's business process mapping enabled Perfection Global to introduce a new sales lead qualifying tool. 


“Through the mapping process, PSC has made us think more critically

about every aspect of our business and how to standardize it. The best

companies in the world are successful because they have standards and

processes in place that yield consistent and predictable results.

That’s what drives us.”

– Joe Lundvick, COO and Co-Owner 

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