SharePoint - Managing Employee Evaluations in a High-Turnover Environment
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Positive Reviews 

TCA is a privately held, strategic holding company whose subsidiaries own or manage fitness and athletic facilities in the United States and Canada. With thousands of seasonal employees, TCA Holdings needed an effective and cost-efficient way to manage employee performance reviews across its many locations. The TCA team chose PSC based on previous work and expertise with HR and SharePoint solutions.

The Situation 

Based on the trust earned by working together for years on other successful projects, TCA turned to PSC to develop a system to automate and manage the review process for its athletic club employees. Such systems usually involve a yearly per-user fee, but because of the number of employees and high rate-of-turnover, these solutions were cost-prohibitive for TCA.

The Challenges 

Heavily reliant on paper and Microsoft Word documents, the organization and management of TCA’s employee review process were disorganized, inefficient, cumbersome and inconsistent. Not uncommon in many organizations, the manual employee review process was quite time-consuming, critical information was not as secure as it should be, documents became misplaced, and operational inefficiencies overburdened the system. 

With a seasonal workforce, hundreds of employees turning over annually, and diverse reporting formats across multiple departments, TCA was not a very good candidate for any of the traditional HR systems designed for more stable workforces. Additionally, due to a fast approaching review cycle, TCA needed its new system in place within eight weeks, which was a short fuse by any measure. The new solution would need to ensure a better process for the entire organization and an improved experience for the employees and managers.

The Solution 

While PSC had frequently worked with other departments in the past, this was the first time working with TCA’s HR team. A collaborative and thorough discovery process with TCA’s business analysis team and key HR and management stakeholders was completed to understand the legacy process and discuss ways to enhance operational efficiency.  

With the HR and business, analyst garnered insights and requirements thoughtfully gathered, demos and test forms were created so TCA’s team could test and experience the new system’s potential firsthand.

By combining new learnings and feedback from TCA with PSC’s experience developing employee review systems for other clients, the effort refined the entire process for managing employee review documentation.  

PSC’s expert SharePoint developers quickly distilled TCA’s needs, evaluated off-the-shelf possibilities, then built and integrated a custom SharePoint Application helping deliver critical, TCA specific functionality to the organization. PSC delivered specific expertise in custom user interface solutions to augment the experience for diverse end-users across the company and increase user adoption, which would be a forward-thinking step to help ensure the solution’s success ongoing. The solution was delivered within TCA’s eight-week window and became a trusted HR tool that led to immediately increased usage and a higher percentage of completed reviews.  

Through a relationship built on trust and transparency, challenges were addressed efficiently and cost-effectively while adhering to TCA’s unique requirements. Due to budget concerns, the need for per-user and per-period costs was eliminated. Payment of a one-time fee empowered TCA ownership of both the code and the solution, which enabled TCA to add features, functionality and other improvements, including application tracking, certifications, and records, without the cost of additional licensing fees.

“We called them the ‘Dream Team.’ We had a plan, we worked through the plan, and we got it done on time!  It was an excellent example of teamwork, dedication, and success,” said Crystal Broj, Director of Business Analysis at TCA Holdings.


  • Legacy, paper-based annual employee reviews across dozens of locations and thousands of employees was costly and difficult to manage.
  • Due to seasonal employees and high turnover, a system without constraining per user fees was desired.
  • The project required delivery within an expedited eight week period. 


  • TCA ownership of the solution and code ensured ongoing improvements without additional licensing fees.
  • PSC offered specialized user interface expertise to enhance SharePoint user experience and drive adoption. 
  • The SharePoint based system quickly became a trusted HR solution and the client is on pace to realize a measurable ROI within two years.


View: Positive Reviews: SharePoint Success For Managing Employee Evaluations in a High-Turnover Environment


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