Windward - Software Overhaul Enhances User Experience, Doubles Revenue
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OnShore Technology Group is the developer of an Enterprise Validation Management & Quality system for FDA-regulated life sciences companies around the world. When OnShore wanted to upgrade and update its flagship application, ValidationMaster™, PSC Group improved the user experience, processing time, and reporting capabilities – on time, as promised.

Valarie King-Bailey is affectionately known as “Val the Validator” by clients and colleagues for good reason: For most of her 35-year career, she’s made independent validation and verification her primary professional focus. 

What started in the mid 80’s as a special assignment to create a validation toolkit for her employer at the time has now positioned her as one of the world’s foremost experts in the highly-specialized discipline, and prompted her in 2004 to found her own validation testing and consulting firm, OnShore Technology Group.

King-Bailey’s passion for precision and productivity is a natural extension of her training and experience as a civil engineer. After many years of conducting validation testing using manual methods, she decided to build software to help automate and speed the process. The result was OnShore’s flagship application, ValidationMaster™.

ValidationMaster is the world’s first enterprise validation management software that is platform neutral as well as mobile. It speeds up overall testing and validation, and eliminates the use of manual, paper-based processes. 

Hundreds of food and life sciences manufacturers around the world use it to validate systems that must comply with national and international regulatory standards. 

Like all successful software applications, ValidationMaster is constantly evolving based on client needs and marketplace demands. When King-Bailey decided to upgrade the graphical user interface, test engine, and reporting engine, PSC Group won the assignment. 

“By the time we met PSC Group, we had had several false starts and flat out failures with other IT integration firms,” says King-Bailey. “But PSC listened to our requirements, and they also understood them and knew exactly what we were asking for and why. They got it right away and then we knew we were on the right track.”

Regulatory Compliance and Application Coding Skills Combined

While there may be plenty of integration companies that know software development, there are very few that also happen to have a background in compliance. Hit Mistry, vice president at PSC Group, led the PSC implementation team.

“PSC Group knows quality, compliance and coding, and that is rare,” says King-Bailey. “Not only did they add value from day one, but we never had any doubt on where we were with our project. Communications with the entire team was outstanding.”

After taking a close look at ValidationMaster, and talking with King-Bailey and her team, PSC identified several immediate opportunities for improvement: Reports were taking too long, test script automation was too limited, and click-through licensing was needed for easy downloading. 

Mistry and the PSC team built new document creation, management and reporting components for ValidationMaster using the document generation tool, Windward.

“Before the PSC project, our reports in ValidationMaster were difficult to customize and were taking too long to generate,” says King-Bailey. “PSC created new modules that fit together seamlessly, added more dynamic parameters, and made the user experience much better. We’ve been super happy with the results and our clients have been pleased as well.”

New Power, Speed – And Sales

PSC consultants brought experience and open minds to the job. While other companies were unable or unwilling to research and develop new modules that made a difference, PSC took the challenge and ran with it.

“PSC found a better way and made it work for us,” says King-Bailey. “They also made sure that everything was tested thoroughly and was working as promised.”

The enhancements are paying off. New prospects are making bigger and faster decisions. And private equity firms are calling more frequently to offer capital and connections.

“Our lead volume has gone way up, but more importantly, our sales volume has doubled,” says King-Bailey. “Our closing ratio has gotten better and we attribute much of that to the upgrades delivered by PSC Group, and the improved performance of ValidationMaster.”

King-Bailey says the PSC consultants have felt like part of the team all along. 

“PSC is a long-term partner we trust, respect and whole-heartedly recommend with the highest regard,” says King-Bailey. “They’ve made a big difference in our business that will pay off for many years to come.”


  • OnShore Technology Group wanted to upgrade its flagship application, ValidationMaster. 
  • Reports were taking too long and parameters were too limited. 
  • The lack of validation experience among other application developers generated several false starts and delays.


  • PSC brought compliance, validation and coding experience to the ValidationMaster upgrade project. 
  • New testing and reporting modules have been integrated using Windward and are working seamlessly. 
  • New leads are up, and sales have doubled as word has spread about the new and improved ValidationMaster.


View: Validation Software Overhaul Enhances User Experience, Doubles Revenue

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