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Unbiased, Vendor Agnostic Technology Insights

PSC Labs was founded in 2015 to provide unbiased, vendor agnostic, technology insights. The mission is to ensure client delivery excellence and new solution offerings through the use of emerging technologies. PSC Labs has the know-how and experience to assist clients in maximizing their current capabilities and future-proofing their investments in technology.

Running short, medium and long-term projects allows the team to take a broad look at the emerging technologies market and make educated, non-vendor specific, unbiased recommendations to clients on their next technology investments. We are passionate about learning and want to be able to find the point where technology hype ends and where practical enterprise implementations can begin.

How are you maximizing your current technology investments and future-proofing your company?

Proven Success

PSC Labs has undertaken a significant number of eclectic investigations ranging from Datacenter Automation, to Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. During this time, the Labs team has been able to make recommendations for the implementation of tooling and application of emerging technologies which have improved the time to market of our solutions and provided a more modern future-proof architecture for individual clients.

Due to the ever-changing vendor marketplace and the speed of innovation, PSC Labs is committed to the long-term adoption of emerging technology. Being able to answer the question, "What technologies should we be using in two to five years’ time?" is essential to allow PSC to remain as a Trusted Technology advisor to our clients.

Investigation Teams

PSC Labs investigation teams focus on a specific technology project for an entire three months. During that time, the micro-projects are targeted at learning as much about a technology as possible with an end goal of producing demonstrations and opinions on the subject matter. Members of the PSC Labs investigations team are expected to share their research and findings with their peers through technical presentations and the creation of a project review document.

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