How a SharePoint Architect Consultant Can Help Drive Adoption
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SharePoint is about data and collaboration and one of the most important roles to harness its power is the consulting SharePoint architect. Information architecture is one of the most important considerations for broad utilization of SharePoint and ongoing adoption. The SharePoint Architect helps ensure the requirements reflect the importance of relevant metadata, global search and security/access considerations that help drive end user trust and adoption. As finding information is one of the primary drivers of using SharePoint, users must be able to locate desired content quickly and effortlessly or adoption will suffer.

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An experienced SharePoint architect can assist with all phases of deployment, migration, integration (with other apps like Office 365), planning and development of governance policy important to the ongoing maintenance of the system. The underpinning to all of those elements is the information architecture. One of the keys to optimal architecture its accuracy in locating data that is truly relevant to the user's unique search. Too many options and the user becomes overwhelmed. Too few and the user either thinks the information doesn't exist or loses confidence in the system to find it. The trick is to find balance to positively affect the user experience. 

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