Important Technical Awareness and Skillsets for SharePoint Consultants to Possess
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Selecting SharePoint Consultants with proven technical skills and experience is key to deployment and adoption success. SharePoint consultants should have a firm grasp on both the out of box features and how the platform can be customized and extended through development to better ensure its value and return-on-investment.

Knowledge of third party Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solutions to extend SharePoint's capabilities and save time and effort with everything from document generation and migrations to reporting and integration with other data sources is also valuable. 

Experienced SharePoint Consultants bring know-how to an engagement that can enrich the discovery and requirements process with use cases and technical workarounds to address complex business problems with SharePoint, customer relationship management (CRM), and other business applications.

SharePoint consultants may earn a number of certifications including an MCSE.

Dedicated SharePoint Consultants also offer experience applying SharePoint platform to both intranets and external facing websites and understand the platform's various strengths and weaknesses in utilizing it in either application. With SharePoint adoption being one of the most challenging aspects of utilizing the platform, SharePoint Consultants can help determine features to encourage use and incorporate the data and features that users will appreciate most towards ongoing use across the business.

Here is a partial list of skills, concepts and methodologies most SharePoint Consultants are familiar with to help ensure deployment, enhancement and adoption success:

Traits for consultants:

Successful SharePoint implementations have SharePoint consultants and team members with these traits, skillsets and methodologies to help drive the strategy, deployment, maintenance and adoption of SharePoint. These attributes go into every PSC SharePoint roadmap and deployment our team delivers. Contact us to find out more about PSC's SharePoint Deployment Planning Services.


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