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Data-driven organizations count on Microsoft SharePoint Server as a server platform securely store, share, manage and access data and content. Typically used as a platform for enterprise intranets to share and collaborate on information, it can also be utilized for external facing internet sites. Microsoft has ensured that the latest versions of SharePoint server are optimized for cloud, future proof with a codebase shared with SharePoint Online for innovation cadence and hybrid deployment and can be accessed from any device and browser, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Firefox.

Microsoft SharePoint Server is traditionally deployed and managed on-premises vs. in the cloud. It originally utilized features of SharePoint Foundation and it offers additional features and capabilities such as business intelligence, personal sites, newsfeed, enterprise search and enterprise content management. Its services can only be utilized by licensed users and enterprise CALs are required to access specific features and functionality.

Microsoft SharePoint Server Standard and Enterprise Editions continue to evolve with familiar tools and features that are designed for the way users work. With standard OneDrive for Business functionality that inherits the look, feel and functionality of Office 365. Standard features like upload, sync and share are all located in the main menu, top and center. Supported browsers allow users to upload folders as well as files from the upload menu.

Capabilities include:

View selection allows toggle between list view and thumbnail view and the info icon opens the common Details Pane to review share files, who the item is shared with, recent activity on the file and more. The photo/video experience has also been updated with the OneDrive experience so arrow keys can be used to preview supported files in the folder.

Mobile apps take Microsoft SharePoint Server to a new level. The app is available from the app store and offers a consistent user experience across devices and browsers. Once installed, users can navigate to SharePoint sites, view links to site the organization has indicated as favorites or important, search for people, sites and documents and view people profiles. Users can also switch from a mobile view to see site pages in the full web view as it appears in full desktop browsers.

Microsoft SharePoint Server

SharePoint Online has taken the lead for SharePoint navigation and control and Microsoft has applied it to the Microsoft SharePoint Server user experience. Features like the App Launcher enable users to get to and launch their desktop and online apps from anywhere in SharePoint. The tiles provide clear navigation to apps and services across Office 365 as users are provided licenses to use them. Microsoft has stated that they are committed to their on-premises versions and have no plans to make Microsoft SharePoint server 2016 their final version of on-premises server, although the hybrid deployment is fast taking hold.

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