What Separates a SharePoint Developer from Other Developers?
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SharePoint is a complex content management and collaboration platform loaded with valuable business support system features. The primary job of a SharePoint developer is to extend the SharePoint solution when the out-of-the-box features are not sufficient to solve a business problem. 

A SharePoint developer may possess many important skills and be aware of a number of important tools to help them deliver functionality with impact. He or she probably has a very good grasp of out-of-the-box SharePoint features that do not require customization and coding to enable. This ensures the developer can determine the scope of coding actually required to address certain SharePoint and business requirements.

There a number of common Windows tools a  developer needs to be aware of and have experience with to build SharePoint solutions including: SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, PowerShell, Visio, InfoPath or Nintex, and utilization of out-of-the-box features for creating webpages, forms, workflows, master pages and style sheets, apps, web parts, workflow, page layouts, etc.

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A solid SharePoint developer may also be familiar with .net, C# and ASP.net libraries and frameworks for running web applications. Custom code solutions should be built with source control, testing, development, and support. Javascript skills can help a SharePoint developer devise useful functions and HTML and CSS knowledge will help a SharePoint developer tweak pages and address look and feel for optimized user experience. 

Great SharePoint developers know how to gather user experience requests and requirements and transform them into usable functionality that increases adoption across the organization. Utilization of Office 365 and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality integrated with SharePoint are also important to realize the full value of the tool. Being able to troubleshoot, train and have foresight into user expectations can help deliver great user experiences that translate to valuable SharePoint ROI in no time.

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