Maximize Your Microsoft 365 ROI With a Custom Roadmap to the Microsoft Cloud
Your Path to True ROI

Put the Microsoft Cloud to work and take your team's productivity, data management, collaboration, and insights to the next level.

You've Already Chosen Microsoft 365 as Your Collaboration Platform - What's Next?

Our Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) Roadmap is a short engagement to strategically plan your company's specific Microsoft 365 implementation. M365 is more than just SharePoint and Outlook. It’s a collection of applications and services that work together seamlessly to deliver a great user productivity experience. You need to have a roadmap to plan for your implementation and governance model.

Why a Roadmap

A roadmap provides researched, documented answers to common questions. Some examples of questions we answer include:

  • What app should I use, and when?

  • How far can I push out-of-the-box features?

  • How can I achieve ROI quickly?

  • What are my options for custom forms?

  • What products and services best fit my organization?

  • What’s tried & true vs. what’s bleeding edge?

  • What will it cost?

  • Can I enforce retention policies across services?

  • How do I customize without breaking functionality?

  • How do I enforce governance without handcuffing my users?

At the end of the engagement, you’ll have a clear direction for where Microsoft 365 can take your organization.

Solution / Service
Solution / Service
Common Business Drivers for Planning an M365 Implementation

Modernize & Mobilize your Intranet

Inform & Engage your Workforce

Take Advantage of New, Cloud-only Functionality

Build Sustainable, Cloud-ready Solutions

Modernize your Collaboration and Communication Strategy

Create a Flexible Growth & Governance Plan

Here’s How it Works…
Step 1: We meet with IT to get an understanding of your current environment and goals within IT for M365.
Step 2: We survey users within your organization before holding face-to-face meetings so we can:
  • Identify areas of need across business verticals
  • Identify topics for conversation in face-to-face meetings
  • Get baseline feedback so we can measure success post-implementation
Solution / Service
Step 3: We’ll conduct a 90 minute Microsoft 365 Lunch and Learn for you business stakeholders to show them what’s possible with M365.

The PSC Microsoft 365 Lunch & Learn is intended for both existing Microsoft 365 license holders and those still considering if migrating is right for their organization. This free 90-minute session will help you take your Microsoft 365 investment to the next level.

Step 4: We conduct meetings with your business stakeholders across your organization to identify areas for improvement using M365.

We’ll document those areas (requirements) in a backlog list. We’ll also work with you rank the items in the backlog by business value:

  • MUST have
  • SHOULD have
  • COULD have
  • WON’T have (don’t need!)

Goal: determine which requirements belong in the initial M365 implementation (MVP) and which ones will be determined for a future phase.

Step 5: We then map the requirements to applications and services in M365. We’ll also estimate level of effort to implement each one, trying to use as much “out-of-the-box” functionality as possible.
Step 6: We’ll create your personalized roadmap for implementing M365 including a budget and timeline to implement the initial phase (MVP).
Solution / Service
Contact us below for a 30-minute web meeting for more details and examples of our M365 roadmap deliverables.

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