Process Automation
Automation Drives Efficiency

PSC will help you map, automate and measure entire business processes from start to finish. We use cutting edge tools for workflow, robotic process automation, document generation and DevOps.

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Process Mapping

Process mapping has many benefits beyond just having a diagram of your process, especially when the mapping is done using a centralized portal. We recommend using a tool to bring all of your disparate process documentation into a central location. This will provide the following advantages:

  • This lack of knowledge makes it hard for new employees to learn how to do their job
  • The portal will become a destination with details on how your business runs
  • You won't lose intelligence about your business when an employee leaves
  • Opportunities for automation will become more apparent
Robotic Process Automation

Process automation has matured into a significant solution over the past decade. Enterprises seeking efficiency have embraced custom workflows to streamline how they conduct business. Yet there are limits to what tasks this technology has been able to automate. Process automation can become ineffective or limited when the business process…

  • Involves a repetitive but necessary manual process (such as invoice processing)
  • Requires integrating disparate legacy systems (which have no simple technology solution path)
  • Requires manual oversight and review but are repetitive and inefficient
  • Does not scale
  • Is too expensive/too difficult/doesn’t bring enough ROI to justify automation

Enter Robotic Process Automation!

Solution / Service
Solution / Service

PSC helps our clients use workflow tools to automate processes in order to increase efficiency and improve accuracy throughout their organization. Workflow is best used for decision-based steps and orchestrating a process from start to finish. Your workflows often need to be able to connect to various business resources and systems in your organization.

Document Generation

PSC helps our clients use document generation tools within their processes in order to increase efficiency and improve accuracy throughout their organization. Document generation allows organizations to pull data from various business systems and compile standard documents in a consistent manner.

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PSC use DevOps on our projects and helps our clients implement a strategy which will make their development teams more productive and improve quality. We can help you implement and train on branch/merge strategy and build CI/CD pipelines and integrate with your various environments (e.g. Development, Test, Stage and Production).

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