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Development needs automation too.

Modern app development requires your development and operations teams to be in-sync.  From branch/merge strategy to build/deploy pipelines, DevOps governs every aspect of software development.

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How mature is DevOps in your Organization?
  • Do you currently use DevOps in your organization?
  • Is source control integrated with your requirements management tool?
  • Do you have a branch and merge strategy in place?
  • Are you doing code reviews within your development team?
  • Do you write unit tests and have automated tests running automatically when code is checked in?
  • Do you have separate environments for development, test (QA), stage (UAT) and production and does your build process automatically push builds to the appropriate environment? 

PSC can help bring your organization to the next level and improve quality and efficiency within your development process! 

Strategic DevOps Initiatives

PSC can help your organization with a DevOps Roadmap in which we can help design your strategy for improving and integrating your development processes in order to drive quality and efficiency.


Meet with stakeholders and developers to analyze the current build processes and quality gates in place today. Design and present a roadmap for delivering DevOps to your organization. Recommend a budget to strategically implement best-practice DevOps and quality assurance techniques into your organization.

Don’t begin your DevOps journey without a roadmap.

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Implementing DevOps in your Organization

PSC can help your organization take the next step in your DevOps journey by helping implement the following:

  • Migrate legacy source control (e.g. TFS) to Azure DevOps Git Repos
  • Implement and train on branch/merge strategy 
  • Build CI/CD pipelines and integrate with your various environments (e.g. Development, Test, Stage and Production)

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