Process Mapping
Lack of Documentation is Common

Lack of knowledge about business processes is a common issue among companies of all sizes. Mapping processes allows companies to leverage knowledge of how their business runs to drive continuous improvement. 

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Why is Process Mapping Important?

Lack of process mapping means your organization has a lack of clear understanding how your business functions as well as increased risk as your institutional knowledge resides with your employees and not your business:

  • Lack of knowledge about business processes is a common issue among companies of all sizes
  • This lack of knowledge makes it hard for new employees to learn how to do their job
  • Employee knowledge of how your business functions walks out of your office every day
Benefits of Process Mapping

Process mapping has many benefits beyond just having a diagram of your process, especially when the mapping is done using a centralized portal. We recommend using a tool to bring all of your disparate process documentation into a central location. This will provide the following advantages:

  • The portal will become a destination with details on how your business runs
  • You won't lose intelligence about your business when an employee leaves
  • Opportunities for automation will become more apparent
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Process Standardization

Lack of visibility and control over process variations is a complex and costly problem, resulting in inconsistent execution and standardized processes that just don’t meet local needs. Process mapping can make it easy to establish standardized processes, with controlled variations for organizations whose operations span multiple regions, customer groups, service offerings or those who have shared services operations supporting different business units.

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