Unleash the Power of Your Data
Dynamic FRM™ Capabilities
  • Manage Formula and Recipe Nutritional Values

  • Leverage Integrated BOM from Packaging thru Ingredient

  • Capture INCI and Trade Name Composition

  • Manage Packaging – Colors, Images, Patterns


Dynamic FRM™ Formula and Recipe Management

Would a centralized, web-based, secure, and easy to use solution bring heightened value and visibility to the information stored on those document and spreadsheet forms? Could automated requests for changes with all associated documents, emails, images and specifications improve compliance and tracking requirements? The Dynamic FRM™ Formula and Recipe Management solution offers these valuable benefits and more! 

Traditional PLM Concepts

See how traditional Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) concepts that have been in place for years in industries such as automotive and aerospace are now helping R&D groups, scientists and food specialists centralize formulas and manage repeatable processes.

Centralized, Accessible Formula and Recipe Data is Key

The Dynamic FRM™ Formula and Recipe Management solution allows companies to eliminate spreadsheets and documents saved on a shared drive to get a centralized “single version of the truth” available at the click of a button. The solution not only tracks raw materials and formulas, it also tracks the entire packaging hierarchy from ideation to launch.

Proven Platforms

The Dynamic FRM™ Formula and Recipe Management solution is available on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, as well as the Aras Innovator PLM platform. Each platform provides robust formula and recipe management functionality. In addition, each platform enables configuration of business process, logic and rules without the need to develop new code.

With the availability of two different platforms, organizations have the flexibility to deploy in the cloud or on-premise and can select the platform that best fits their business application strategy.

Tangible Results

A global food manufacturer has been able to experience a 40% reduction in time spent managing data and a 60% reduction in service request response time using the Dynamic FRM™ Formula and Recipe Management solution. Having an easy to use, easy to access system provides employees the opportunity to spend less time managing data and paper and more time doing the job they were hired to do.

Learn More

The Dynamic FRM™ Formula and Recipe Management solution provides PLM functionality that is applicable across multiple process manufacturing applications, from food and beverage to flavors and beyond. If your business is experiencing a need to manage materials, packaging, products and their related specifications, Dynamic FRM™ may be the right fit for you.

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